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Pixelzapper Studio, Inc. is owned and operated by Kent West.  I got my start in 2D graphics and 3D modeling and animation at a company called MidCoast that featured video production and post production, along with audio production.  We produced commercials and videos for local and national clients.  These included industrial sales and training videos, television commercials, university  recruitment videos, radio and more.  I was responsible for all graphics, 3D modeling and animation.

This is where my relationship with pixels started to blossom, including the pixel wallpaper in my office.

At that company I met Jeff High, the founder of Gemvision.  I immediately started assisting Jeff with creating 2D and 3D digital jewelry.  I was involved in every product that Gemvision produced.  These include: Digital Goldsmith, GemImage and ImageDome cameras, Matrix 1-9, Countersketch and Revo Mills.  My last position at Gemvision was product manager of Matrix.

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After leaving Gemvision, I started Pixelzapper Studio.  I now service the jewelry industry in many capacities.  I produce 3D CAD models for manufacturers and independent jewelers, operate a render farm which produces millions of renders for websites or catalogs, offer training and consulting services, and more!

Pixelzapper has now added software sales to our offerings and are pleased to be partnering with McNeel and Associates to offer Rhinoceros NURBS modeling software.


Thanks for visiting Pixelzapper Studio, Inc.



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